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9 Types of Essays: Write an Essay Perfectly with Essaywriterforyou.net

types of essays

Sooner or later, all students face with an assignment to write an essay. At first glance, this task is pretty simple. You just pick a topic and prepare a piece of writing with your own arguments, emotions, ideas. But not all students cope with that easily. Because of lack of time or inability to express their thoughts beautifully, there are different reasons for everyone. That’s why in earlier times, reference books were extremely popular. Nowadays they were replaced with the Internet. A lot of students prefer to find the information online, they don’t come up with topics, because they can just search for it, and prepare the paper, using the data available.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue, consider various types of essays, and what will help you cope with this task perfectly.

Why Essay Writing is Important?

The first question to ask yourself is: why am I doing this? Often, we do not do something due to lack of motivation. If we consider the essay as a usual text, necessary for our teaches only, it will be useless. But let’s look at this from another point of view. 

Different types of college essays show how well do we understand different topics. It is easy to give an answer to an academic question, to provide the definition and explanation. But this knowledge doesn’t prove an understanding. Sometimes we need to write about the topic to show what are we really thinking. 

Besides, the process of writing helps us to develop the necessary skills. Such as:

  • reading;
  • note-making;
  • critical thinking;
  • organizing ideas;
  • creativity;
  • persuasiveness;
  • competent presentation of ideas.

The modern world requires these skills, as well as employers do. That’s why teachers ask us to write a lot of essays. Once this particular task will help you take a step forward in your development.

Different Types of Essays

Keep in mind that there are several types of essays. While high school students cope with descriptive and/or reflective essays, college student deals with a variety of assignments, depending on their educational direction. 

We will tell you more about each type, and for now, there is a list of 9 main types of writing paper:

  1. Narrative;
  2. Descriptive;
  3. Persuasive;
  4. Analytical;
  5. Contrast and comparison;
  6. Critical;
  7. Review;
  8. Research;
  9. Reflective.

Most likely, you’ll cope with all of them. But if you have any problems – don’t worry, Essaywriterforyou.net writers can always help you.

Each of these types has its own features to check your knowledge and skills. You should follow them to prepare a good paper. 

What are the Different Types of Essays?

To get started, let’s divide all the suggested forms of essay into two groups. First, we consider the types for middle and high school, then for colleges and universities.

Types of Essays for School

Narrative Essay

The sentence “Last summer was the best of my life” describes this type perfectly. It is one of the most common assignments for middle and high school. In a narrative essay , the main purpose is to share your emotions, your own experience. You can write about everything you’ve dealt with. Use of “I-sentences” encouraged, e.g. “I spent this time enjoying my vacation”.

Reflective Essay

This type has a lot in common with the previous one. In a reflective essay, you can write about your personal experience, or come up with different ideas on the topic suggested. The best strategy is to choose an event from life and to explain it in detail, telling about your feelings and thoughts during that event. It would be nice to finish up with your conclusions.

Descriptive Essay

This assignment shows how can you work with language. You need to describe something, no matter what, but with in-depth details. In a descriptive essay it is necessary to simulate the picture in your audience’s mind, to make it feel and see what are you writing about. 

Critical essay

While writing this type of essay, you need to evaluate a piece of art. Pick up a book, movie or something else and try to find something to criticize about. It would be the best choice to write about your favorite ones to show you can consider things from different sides. 

Types of Essays in College 

Persuasive essay

Persuasive or the argumentative essay is a paper that utilizes reason and logic to show the advantages of a particular idea. Your task is to persuade a reader to consider your point of view. It is essential to find solid and reasoning arguments, appeal to facts, not feelings and emotions.

Analytical essay

When you’re assigned to write this type of essay, it means you should provide a thorough analysis of any idea. You can write about a piece of art, historical event, political issues, etc. It is not necessary to provide your own thoughts and ideas, but the analysis should be informative. 

Contrast and comparison essay

One more assignment to check your critical thinking is a contrast and comparison essay. You pick up two things that have common features and differences. It is better that they are not obvious. Remember the riddle from “Alice in Wonderland”: Why is a raven like a writing desk? The correct answer does not exist, but you can pick up several options, and explain them with ease. In the same way, one can compare the political systems of different countries, styles of art, academic subjects, etc.

Review Essay

The purpose of a review essay is to share your feelings and thoughts about something. It can be a concert, a movie, an educational program or even your teacher. To develop your mindset, you may be assigned with a non-standard task. For example, what would you write in a review on your cat? Or write a small book report about a book you like? You should write an organized paper with a state opinion and arguments.

Research Paper

This type of paper can be considered as the most difficult. You need to analyze a large number of sources to come to a certain conclusion and write about all this process. First of all, you need to find a big question for your research. Then you’ll use different tools and methods, study previous researches, look for original ideas. The essay, in this case, is needed to summarize the results and show what has been achieved and what has not been achieved during the research.

How to Write a Good Essay: Tips to Follow

All kinds of essays take time and preparation. There are some tips that will help you while this process:

  • Gather data. Make sure you have enough information to write an interesting and useful essay. The content matters.
  • Brainstorm. It isn’t easy to find a perfect idea from the first try. Set a deadline and write down all the ideas you can bring to the table. Maybe the 51st will be the best. Or the 99th one. 
  • Read a lot. To write well you need to read well. And while reading, consider different authors’ styles. Learn from the best to develop your own style.
  • Write down ideas. It is a useful habit to develop your creativity. Besides, we forget a lot, and this could be important.
  • Write, write, write. Experiment until you’re not satisfied. Your first essay may be bad, but you won’t write the best one without this step. 

To write a perfect essay you should cover a lot of ground. That’s why teachers provide us with this assignment from middle school. The first essay would be surely simple, commonplace and superficial. But over time, you will understand their purpose and will leverage this knowledge to write good papers.

Professional Help with Essay Writing

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