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Editing and Proofreading or How a Mistake or Typo Can Ruin Everything?

Writing a custom academic essay is such a responsible activity. This is because your grade directly depends on the quality of the essay or dissertation. Therefore, just following the guidelines and instructions is not enough. Also, you have to create the essay in a way the professor will not stumble a dozen of grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes.

Hence, you should make proper proofreading and editing of the essay. You may either do it yourself or trust the professional editor, using our service. Thanks to academic writing service Essaywriterforyou.net, you won’t worry about any misspells or missing words.

Of course, you may find the tips of how to correct the essay yourself. However, as long as it will take a lot of time since you might not be experienced in it, it will be better to use the help of our proofreader and writing editor, and save time.

What is the Difference between Editing and Proofreading?


What does edit mean? Editing is such a writing process when an editor or writer improves the text. He or she does their best, correcting the words, phrases, and sentences in order to minimize the number of errors. As a result, the draft becomes more readable, efficient, and clearer.

During the editing, the words are being deleted, edited, rearranged, and added. So the ideas of the text become more accurate. Moreover, sometimes editing might lead even to changing the overall approach to the topic and turning the main point in another direction.


Proofreading is the polishing of the text at the final step. It is similar to editing, but the only difference is about doing that right before the essay is printed. When proofreader assists, the text is being checked for spelling and other minor mistakes. At this step, you will have to be very attentive to detail in order to fix any typographical mistakes.

There are such main points of proofreading process:

  1. Checking for spelling and grammar errors. (Are the colons, commas, semicolons, etc. used correctly?)
  2. Checking for phrasing and wording (Are the words and phrases use accordingly to their meaning?)
  3. Checking for quotation marks and apostrophes. (Are the apostrophes and quotation marks placed correctly?)

Why is Proofreading and Editing Important?

The sense is as important as the form. Therefore, proper proofreading and editing service of the document is needed to create the right impression to the reader. In other words, after a long and exhausting work upon the content, there might be little errors made which might distract the attention of the reader. Moreover, he or she might even lose the main idea, being unpleasantly impressed. Therefore, precise professional editing and assistance of the proofreader are a must for every successful student. Unfortunately, many of the students spend only a couple of minutes checking and polishing the text at the final step. Hence, they miss a lot of mistakes in the hustle, which is unacceptable to have a good grade.

Professional Editing and Proofreading Services

Of course, after a long and exhausting term, you might feel tired to devote some extra time for editing and proofreading your essays. Using a good writing service, you will get appropriate editing and assistance of the proofreader by native English speakers for the presence of any mistakes.

Professional editors will accurately check the grammar, correct the structure and errors. There are always experts to help you polish the text of your essay so that there won’t be any typos that might potentially create the wrong impression.

Proofreading or Editing Service: What to Choose?

Making up your mind, whether you need the assistance of a proofreader or editing services, you will have to answer the following question: Do you feel your writing is okay?

If yes, you will just need to use our service by a profy proofreader.

Once you are not pleased with the quality of your writing, it’s time to use an editing service. Let our professional editors check your text for the right use of words, expressions, and following the rules of various writing formats.

Essaywriterforyou.net: Professional Proofreading and Editing Your Documents

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