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Sat Essay Writing Tips: Step-by-Step Guide With Examples

Working on your SAT essay requires some really specific skills. One hour will surely not be sufficient to read information, analyze it, and create your essay very quickly. Our tip is to prepare beforehand for your SAT paper so it could be successful.

If your purpose is to create a really good SAT essay, you should browse our detailed guide and read the following information with special attention.

Things to Do Before Starting Your SAT Essay

The first step to undertake is to read and figure out the prompt. We highly recommend browsing the prompt before the passage.

In the first line of the prompt, your task is to discuss the argument of the writer. Here are four stages of preparing your SAT essay:

  1. Reading (should take up to 10 minutes).
  2. Analyzing and planning (should take up to 12 minutes).
  3. Writing (should take up to 35 minutes).
  4. Revising (just up to 3 minutes).

This time range is an average one, while people work differently on each stage. For example, one people are faster at writing than at planning, others might read faster than plan, etc. Our experts’ tip is to choose the time combination proper exactly for you.


Reading process can be completed in several ways, and each of them has its benefits. You should just watch the time and not run out of it.

Some students are really fast in reading, so they can read non-stop without wasting much time on various details. If you are one of such readers, you can use this strategy easily and spend much time on going too deep into the details.

In case you read slowly, you might need to skim the text. For that reason, you have to make sure you figure out the way the passage is presented before going too deep in the details. You will have to go through the passage several times to make sure you understand it properly. When you read it quickly, you can realize what part you will need to get back to and what is not so important.

Always try to stay objective when you get back to a more comprehensive reading of your article.

Analyzing and Planning

The professors expect a clear structure from your essay, which would include introduction, conclusion, and specific events between them. So you will need a plan to write quickly.

You can choose to write the entire length of the passage when analyzing it, underlying the core points. Also, you can enumerate your examples and circle and number any facts from the passage. Or you can make a description of the details in your plan briefly. It will save much of your time.

Essaywriterforyou experts recommend taking notes when reading the passage and after that, organizing them into an essay plan. Our essay writers can always help you if you have any problems.

Writing Until Just Few Minutes are Left

As soon as your analysis and planning processes are completed, you can start writing very quickly. If you used your time effectively to make records and create a plan, you are able not to spend too much time to switch between the text and the paper.

Body Paragraphs

Lots of students find it easier to write body paragraphs first, and only then write an introduction. If you are one of them, start your paper with the body paragraphs; just leave about ten lines at the top to write your introduction later. One example takes one or two paragraphs.

You should start with a smooth shift from the introduction or your previous body paragraph and provide good background to realize why the example is connected to it. After that, it is necessary to tie it with the thesis.

You have to read everything once again and make sure that the structure is worthwhile. Each of the body paragraphs can be written according to this structure. This way, your grade will be excellent! Sometimes, one really good example of the way the writer builds his argument is enough. Of course, if you are able to write two or three relevant paragraphs without making repetitions. As a rule, it is safer to have two examples, while you have higher chances to show how good your idea of the passage is.

Introduction and Conclusion

Once your body paragraphs are finished, you should complete your introduction and conclusion. They both should contain your argument and the examples you use for supporting your thesis. However, the rest is up to you. Some students simply restate their thesis in the conclusion in another way, others write about the concept theoretically. Even if you are running out of time, try to write at least several sentences. It’s better than leaving this part empty!


Most students underestimate the necessity of revising their SAT essay. We recommend doing it, while it helps your grade a lot. Find out why:

  1. It helps you improve your vocabulary, find out the mistakes and improper words.
  2. It helps writing faster, while you don’t try to make it perfect at once if you know you will be revising your paper.

You can simply cross out those words you don’t want the professor to read, do not waste time erasing them.

We tried to let you know how and in what form your SAT essay can and should be. When you know what to expect from your assignment, you can have a plan in your mind and make the writing process easier and more pleasant!